What is the DNS zone?

The DNS zone is a small and very essential segment of the Domain namespace. However, its size is not so big, yet its purpose is crucial for the normal and beneficial function of the entire DNS. Thanks to it, different DNS administrators are able to control separate parts of that namespace. Based on this fact, we are able to say that the DNS is decentralized. Discover more details about the DNS zone.

What does DNSSEC mean?

The short acronym DNSSEC stands for Domain Name System Security Extensions, and it represents a great technique for boosting the security of your domain name. The DNS (Domain Name System) was not created with security in mind. Therefore, a feature like DNSSEC is a fantastic method for providing an additional level of security. Once it is implemented for a particular domain name, a digital signature (DS) record should be attached to every DNS record in the precise DNS zone. That way, it ensures that the domain name source is genuine. Find out additional information about DNSSEC.

DNS records explained

The DNS records are simple instructions for a particular domain name. They are collected and stored in a DNS zone and live in authoritative DNS servers. Their purpose is to give information regarding a domain, such as the corresponding IP address. There are various different DNS records, and each one of them has a specific purpose. Learn more about the different DNS record types.